Saturday, April 6th

8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Lunch 12-12:30




Please prepare two extremely contrasting 1-minute classical monologues (from shows are fine).  Be prepared to read from script if time allows.  Bring picture and resume.


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Break-downs for both shows are below:


Seeking: A diverse and versatile cast of 11 that has a wonderful grasp of text to play the colorful court of King Henry VIII in Veteran’s Memorial Park this summer as told by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher. This play includes political intrigue, backstabbing and a divorce that will rock an entire kingdom.


$300. Pension + Health. Travel + Housing offered for out of state contracts.  

Non-Union: Varies

First Rehearsal: Monday, June 24th – Saturday, July 6th (Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm)
Tech: Tuesday, July 9th and Wednesday, July 10th 
Opening: Thursday, July 11th
Closing: Sunday, July 14th 


HENRY VIII (M)– This is a young, fit, virile over 6 foot Henry. He begins the play easily persuaded by his advisors, but as the play and his advisors actions unravel he has to ask the question “is all true” in his kingdom. 

QUEEN KATHERINE (F) – Married to King Henry VIII’s brother before marrying Henry. Queen Katherine rails against Cardinal Wolsey when he tries to convince the King to divorce her. She is very outspoken during her trial scene, which Shakespeare took from the exact transcript of the divorce proceedings at Blackfriars. That is what good drama this is. 

ANNE (BULLEN) BOYLEN (F) –Young, in her 20’s. Very pretty and smart. Unmarried at first, until the fateful dinner party where she meets Henry. She is very adamant in her one big scene that she does not want to be Queen...but does she? 

CARDINAL WOLSEY (M) – Portly. Older and the King’s Right Hand Man. He works on the side at all times, until he oversteps his boundaries. Within a monologue his entire world of wealth, gold and pomp all fall down around him. 

PROLOUGE, who also plays SURVEYOR/CROMWELL/OLD LADY (M) – Plays a variety of characters. Must be physical and adept at quick-changes in both costume and character. He grounds the theatricality of the play. The biggest role is probably Cromwell who is devastated by Wolsey’s demise, but follows Henry VIII along to save his status. Becomes one of Cranmer’s only supporters. 

BUCKINGHAM/GRIFFITH (M) -- 20’s-30’s. Has just returned from France at the top of the play where he has developed a grudge against Cardinal Wolsey. Get’s his head chopped off very early in the play, but not before he has a beautiful speech. Then he plays a different Lord the rest of the paly. 

DUKE OF NORFOLK (M) –30’s. Supports Buckingham and dislikes Cardinal Wolsey. And a dislike at first for Cranmer until Henry saves him. 

DUKE OF SUFFOLK (M) –20’s-30’s. Same as above, just change where he is Duke of. 

SECRETARY TO THE CARDINAL/LORD CHAMBERLAIN/CRANMER (M) – 20’s. Plays a few characters at first, but the main one is Cranmer. Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury spends most of the first part of the play offstage trying to find out the legality of the King’s divorce. As this happens rumors are spread about him to plot his demise. Luckily Cranmer is found not-guilty of wrong doing, and saved by the King himself. Cranmer goes onto baptize the Princess Elizabeth at the end of the play. 


PRINCESS MARY (F) – 20’s. Silent role. But ends up in scene’s and watching intently at the proceedings. Becomes Queen, eventually. 

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