SHELTON COMMUNITY CENTER 41 Church Street | Shelton, CT 06484



SEEKING: Actors for our 2018 Spring/Summer portion of the Season of OUR TOWN (AEA & NON-AEA) & MACBETH (non-AEA).

Please prepare a 1 minute contemporary monologue , and 1 minute classical monologue (if auditioning for Macbeth).

A diverse cast for an outdoor free production to the community of Thornton Wilder's OUR TOWN in Connecticut. Actors should have a great grasp of text, and excellent movement skills. We are also seeking a diverse cast, as we try to represent the CT Lower Naugatuck Valley community. Please note that the

*Role of the Stage Manager has been CAST.*

Appointments for AEA members can be made at or by calling 203.513.9446.  EMC's and NON-EQUITY will be seen as time permits at this call.



Pay SPT II: ($285 min) + housing for out of town actors.

Non-Equity Pay $150-$300 per week + housing for out of town actors.

REHEARSAL:  MONDAY, JUNE 25th through WENDS. JULY 11th.  9am-5pm Monday-Saturday in Shelton, CT

PERFORMANCES: THURSDAY, JULY 12th through SUNDAY, JULY 15th at 7:30 PM in Veteran's Memorial Park, Shelton CT


Emily Webb  Female. We follow her from a precocious young girl through her wedding to George Gibbs and her early death.

Mrs. Myrtle Webb Female. Emily’s mother

Mr. Charles Webb Male. Emily's father, editor of the "Grover's Corners Sentinel."

Si Crowell/Joe Crowell/Wally Webb Young male. Si & Joe are the local paperboys. Joe’s intelligence earns him a full scholarship to MIT where he graduates at the top of his class. His promise will be cut short on the fields of France during World War I, according to the Stage Manager. Both he and his brother Si hold marriage in high disdain. Wally Webb is younger brother to Emily, dies on a boy scout trip.

George Gibbs Male. The boy next door, a kind but irresponsible teenager who matures over time and becomes a responsible husband, father, and farmer.

Dr. Frank Gibbs Male. George's father, the town doctor.

Mrs. Julia Gibbs  Female. George's mother, she dreams of going to Paris but doesn't get there. Dies later while visiting her daughter in Ohio, she saved $350 for the trip from the sale of an antique furniture piece but ultimately willed it to George and Emily.

Rebecca Gibbs/Ensemble Female.  George’s younger sister. Knows everything.

Simon Stimson  Male. The choir director and church organist. We never learn the specific cause of his alchoalism and suicide, although Dr. Gibbs observes that “He’s seen a pick of troubles”. He remains bitter and cynical even beyond the grave.

Joe Stoddard/Constable Warren/Ensemble Male. Joe is the undertaker and Constable Warren is the policeman.

Howie Newsome/Sam Craig/Ensemble Male. Howie is the milkman and a fixture of Grovers Corners. Sam is a nephew of Mrs. Gibbs who left town to seek his fortune. He came back after 12 years in Buffalo for Emily’s funeral.

Mrs. Soames/Professor Willard/Ensemble Female. Mrs. Soames is a gossipy townswoman and member of the choir. Professor Willard is a long- winded lecturer.

Ensemble Male. Will play several different roles throughout the show.


Seeking a diverse cast for a NON-EQUITY touring company of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  Seeking command of language, and movement.  Actors must be able to lift approx. 25 lbs, and will be contracted as Assistant Stage Managers.

PAY (Rehearsal week): $150-$200

REHEARSALS: Monday, April 23rd through Saturday, April 28th 9am-5pm daily.


Banquo, Macduff, Ensemble (M)

Macbeth (M)

Witch 3, Duncan, Malcolm, Young Siward, Ensemble (F)

Witch 2, Seargant, Messenger, Porter (M)

Lady Macbeth, Witch 1 (F)